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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Public Sex- s/t CD review

Public Sex- s/t CD review
One part hardcore, one part street punk, and one part Oi!, these four downriver hoodlums and one pissed-off adult skinhead are a relatively new band to the Detroit punk scene, but have in that time built up a lot of potential.  If they can align that potential with opportunity, this band could be the forerunner of a new wave of Detroit punk and hardcore.  This first offering by Public Sex is the prime evidence for this- “Drinking Song” is the band’s tune setting them apart from the current trend of new jock positive hardcore, while “Nailed Against the Wall”, “Sex, Booze, Punks and Skins”, and “Scumbag” are their anthems of general debauchery and hooliganism, which the band does somewhat pride themselves on.  Some songs stretch further into this outlook on life- “Pyromaniac” and “Offroad Homicide” descend a bit more deeply into the nihilistic, negative view sympathetic to the hearts and minds of bleak-futured Detroiters.  This is undoubtedly a product of the Detroit background, plus a mix of Cold as Life, Rotting Out, the Casualties, and (dare I say it) the Ratfinks circa 2002-2003.  Good stuff, but not really any one song stands out.  This would be an even better release had it been split into two EPs and a little more time taken to record and mix it.  Still a quality punk rock record worth jamming.  Now that the solid foundation has been built, it’s time to see some expansion.  I look forward to it.
-Aunty Social

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