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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hounds of Hate- No Redemption 7" review

Hounds of Hate- No Redemption 7” review
THIS is hardcore, folks.  The individualist, the pessimist, the lone warrior syndrome is the focal point of the lyrics- though a bit of a stretch, one could say that this is Nietzschean in nature, the music of the Ubermensch, if music were a virtue to him.  There’s nothing to dislike about that.  The music is hardcore circa ’88- fast and slow parts are constantly alternating, and when there is a breakdown, it’s fitting, not just thrown in for the sake of itself.  A rougher, tougher, grittier version of Slapshot, the guitars are powerful and tight, the bass is crunchy, and the drums are steady as can be.  So, for NYHC or 90s-style hardcore, this is one of the most stellar EPs you’ll come across.  Why isn’t this band being hyped up like every other hardcore band from Pennsylvania and New York?  This is one of the few bands who would actually deserve it.  One of the best hardcore EPs I’ve heard in a good while- nab it ASAP.
-Aunty Social

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