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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bullshit Tradition- Empty Eyes demo review

Bullshit Tradition- Empty Eyes 2011 demo review
As of late, vegan punk bands have been making their mark in a very positive way- it has evolved from the slightly cheesy, takes-itself-too-seriously (anagrammed as TITS, by the way) Earth Crisis.  Now, bands like Poison Planet, Noose, Captive Bolt, and Dropdead are becoming known, and deservedly so, because all of these bands rip.  Now, there is another- a band from Vermont (likely a wasteland for a music scene) called Bullshit Tradition.  Can the northeast compare to the rest of the U.S. for vegan-core (hardcore punk with a vegan take on life)?
It can- this “demo”, even though it too has cheesy moments, kills like a real album would.  This group sounds like gnarly mix of three parts Tragedy and one part Earthmover (the guitars sound like it, and the vocals resonate a bit like them, too); it’s epic at times, but it’s also very heavy and angry, so the energy remains through all the epicness (note: epic here is used to refer to a longer song, and not the more contemporary meaning of epic as it is used on the internet).  The best track on the demo is undoubtedly “There Is No Hell But War is Close”, ripping along like a melodic crust song should, and is ended with a somewhat humorous audio sample.  I don’t have a lot to say about Bullshit Tradition, other than this demo by them is fucking good, and it resonates heavily with the likes of Tragedy and From Ashes Rise.  If you like them, you’ll love this.  If you don’t like them, listen anyway- it’s a great demo.
-Aunty Social

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