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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nu-kle-er Blast Suntan- Blot Out the Worthless Sun LP review

Nu-kle-er Blast Suntan- Blot Out the Worthless Sun LP review
Frantic.  Ambient.  Gnarly.  Angry.  Fast.  Heavy.  If you’re all about short reviewsx, the aove words are the best description of “Blot Out the Worthless Sun” in the fewest words I can concoct.  However, this album is so much more than that.
The main distinguishing factor this band (and record) possess that differentiates them from their contemporaries is the psychedelic, mind-bending guitar work present in most of the songs; there is plenty of room for hardcore riffs in the traditional vein, and here it is spliced with these unique sounds to create a truly original band.  Singer Ami is everything a punk singer should be:  Furious, spitting, anti-authority, poetic, and energetic.  Also, as a female singer, some singers suffer from being too shrill-voiced, but Ami is reasonably pitched, and doesn’t have this problem.  The drums and bass are very distinguishable, the drums pummeling and the bass punishing (my two greatest descriptions for these corresponding instruments), and the words are good old values-rejecting apocalyptic crust punk.  Words are lot easier to vary that sound (at least in my eyes), so while the theme is the same, the words are very different, and it is a new play on a working essential formula.
This record fucking rules; one of the best and most unique crust bands of the last decade.  To paraphrase Will Smith, “Oh, and uh… I’d go to a record store and buy this one up real quick cause… DAMN.”
-Aunty Social

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