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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tino Valpa- Class Six Lifestyle 7" review

Tino Valpa- Class Six Lifestyle 7” review
This record is a classic mile-a-minute, pull-no-punches 80s hardcore; however, it is not a whole band playing these songs, but one fiercely dedicated Dover punk rocker by the name of Tino Valpa.  Beyond this record that he can truly call his own (and not be ashamed of it, for this is a good piece of wax), he is also in the Cryptics, Suburban Showdown, and possibly Hellhound.  This man is a punk rock machine, to be certain.  Despite being in 2-3 bands, it seems to be here where he shines the brightest, with fifteen original half-minute blasts of good old 80s hardcore, and two covers of a few old hardcore bands of yesteryear, one being the Freeze from Boston.  For 80s hardcore, punk in New Hampshire, or the prime of example of doing it yourself, one need look no further than one Tino Valpa.
-Aunty Social

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