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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Destructors- Pow! That's Killmusik! CD review

The Destructors- Pow! That’s Killmusik! review
These guys have semi-regularly been showing up in my post office box with a fairly presentable CD, and this marks the fifth one I’ve received so far.  I don’t know if bands are supposed to get markedly better as time progresses, but it seems that this is a slight regression.  The politically-inspired Oi!-leaning punk jig style sported by the Destructors has its charm, but I was left a little unimpressed this time.  I imagine that the band is trying to follow a theme of sorts with their releases, being more of a loudspeaker for political values than musicians- and there’s nothing wrong with that.  I commend those who are able to speak up with their own form of dissent, but from a musical perspective, I didn’t like this record much.  Good for educating oneself on “the issues”, but for music of this kind, stick to Blitz or Icons of Filth.
-Aunty Social

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