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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nightbringer- 31st and Michigan 7" review

Nightbringer- 31st & Michigan b/w A Better Tomorrow review
The first effort of this band was gnarly, a new exercise in hardcore-laced punk rock n’roll.  It’s clear that the burning passion singer Len and guitarist Andy has all but remained as bright as ever.  The sophomore slump turned out to be an alliterative farce, at least for Nightbringer; this 45 continues the saga set forth by the self-titled record.
“31st and Michigan” is a story of a tragedy suffered by singer Len’s family:  The story is short but bittersweet- Len’s family had owned a house in the southwest Detroit neighborhood at the intersection of 31st St. and Michigan Ave. for over a century, and after some property disputes, the city came and tore it down, leaving nothing behind.  As Len narrates/ sings this song, after the bleated screams of the chorus, it’s hard not to be taken in by the story.  While a sad tale, it’s a great song of rock n’roll hardcore, passion showing brightly as inspirations seeps its way out.  Even if the song were without lyrics, it would still rule.
On the other side of the record is “A Better Tomorrow”, another rock n’roll hardcore jam that never relents in speed or badass-ery.  Even though it clocks it at more than four minutes long, the energy does not dissipate, but instead serves as the ideal background sound for a short set of lyrics about leaving the world in a better place than it was when one arrived.  Though not a new message, it does not lack meaning in any way, since people (people, not persons) still seem to shit where they live.
Good for rock n’roll and hardcore fans alike-approved.
-Aunty Social

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