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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mengele- Dead// Alive CD review

Mengele- Dead// Alive EP review
This music was a strong departure from the members’ previous bands, and that undoubtedly threw me off for the first few listens; gone was the brutal speed of Danger Society and the intensity of Dick Hickey that was present in times before.  However, Mengele certainly has something or other going for them; this is some very atypical punk rock that has its value.  I can’t segment exactly what this sound is, but it’s a little bit like Forced Anger, in that it’s 4/4 time punk, and it has a sort of theme to the lyrics, a nihilistic pot smoker’s theme music.  This is a unique EP, to be certain; even fans of doom metal would appreciate the beats of this music.  If it were twice as fast, this would make a killer hardcore punk record; since it is not, I’ll just appreciate it as it is, a slower punk record with some catchy tunes.
-Aunty Social

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