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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Destructors- 11.11.11: In Memoriam CD review

The Destructors- 11.11.11: In Memoriam CD review
I got this initial package from overseas sometime after I got back from Mid West Hellfest in May 2011.  How shocked I was to receive something from the other side of the Atlantic; this was the fourth such package I received from the band The Destructors.
This record was decent, but outside of a couple of good songs, this is a pretty normal street punk album.  I didn’t hate it, but it seems like a toned down version of the likes of Blitz, the Anti-Nowhere League, and the Virus.  It’s not as heavy or speed-driven as a lot of other punk often is; where it does succeed, though, is in the directed, pointed political messages carried forth by the band.  They are a more radio-friendly (whether the band likes it or not) dissident voice in the age of black-and-white politics.  For this, I give much due credit to the band.  For the music, I am not as big a fan.  Still, ‘twas a fine effort.
-Aunty Social

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