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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Follow the Leader- 6 song demo review (2011)

Follow the Leader- Six song demo review
What does one think of when thinking of hardcore?  Everyone’s answer is different, but here are a few key common attributes that may come to mind:  Anger/ frustration, simple rhyming pattern, powerful guitars, alternating slow fast drum beats, breakdowns, introversion, memorable choruses, a proletariat lean, and moshing.  Even though this happens to describe most 90s style hardcore bands, there is still much diversity to speak of in hardcore.  Here, there is a Detroit-bred anger in the vocals, and it isn’t forced, but natural (more than can be said for a lot of touring groups of today).  The guitars have a powerful chugging push to them, barreling through the mid-tempo and sub-powerviolence-tempo beats with the same energy.  Also, the band postulates a question that got me thinking:  “Where Is All the Violence in Powerviolence?”  As opposed to this, I would ask where the brutality in hardcore went.  Answer this, and I’m sure we can bring it back.  Not, not knock-down, drag-out fist fighting, but a healthy, energetic, bruise-inducing mosh pit.  Stellar 90s-style hardcore that doesn’t always lack speed, and never lacks power.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled, kids.
-Aunty Social

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