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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oiltanker- The Shadow of Greed 12" review

Oiltanker- The Shadow of Greed 12” review
This is a continuation of a killer sound that hasn’t been very played out yet- crust-core, which is crust punk in its traditional vein mixed with heavy 90s hardcore.  It’s an addictive sound; the pulsating drums create an intoxicating background tone for the heavy guitars and bass to wring out some mad awesome crusty jams.  The vocals, meanwhile, are not the high point of the record.  They get the job done for the music, but it’s difficult to discern what the singer is saying, and for something like politically charged crust, the words are probably the most important part of the song and album.  It does work, but I’d like to hear clearer vocals, so I can sing along and really “get” the music, even if I don’t happen to have the benefit of a lyric sheet.  Regardless of vocals, these ten songs are heavy, drum-rolling, ripping crust punk with a sharp-pointed message pushing forward.  The artwork is fucking sweet, the band name is awesome, and this 12” packs a punch.  Definitely belongs the die-hard crusty’s record collection; as for elsewhere… I’m not sure, but it’s worth borrowing and spinning a couple times, for the average punk.
-Aunty Social

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