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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Truth- demo '11 review

Truth/ XTruthx- Demo ’11 review
This is some classic, frantic, varsity letter sporting, positive punk rock, or “youth crew” as it’s known to most.  I’m doubtful that one will find any innovation here, but fuck it, this is a pretty good demo, innovative or not.  Like I said, it’s frantic fast, and insightful (in an introverted way), speaking about how to think clearly and change one’s life in a positive way.  They also play a cover of a Bold song “Nailed To the X”, and it reminds me of two things that ought to inspire some further thought.  First, it gives me the idea of the next straight-edge album cover, a guy being crucified on an X-shaped set of planks with visible Xed-up hands.  I think that would be a great album art idea for a band.  Second, given the connotation of being nailed to something, it suggests that one is to suffer for their principles (given the whole “Jesus died for your sins” bullshit center to Christian folklore); such a suggestion, while noble, is misleading, since most straight-edge adherents have done so since their teens, and likely have not ever had any alcohol to drink.  Given this presumption, there is no suffering to speak of, since one cannot appreciate what one has never tasted.
Anyway, classic youth crew right here.  You’ll either like it or you won’t; there’s little ambiguity to confront here, and that’s not always so bad.
-Aunty Social

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