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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dredd- Cursed Earth EP review

Dredd- Cursed Earth EP review
It’s a shame this EP is so short, but such is the life of an EP.  This record (not actually a vinyl or cassette record yet, as far as I’m aware), while quick, is twice as heavy as it is fast, its speedier parts strongly resembling Trap Them; this works out in their favor, as this crust/ sludge band seems to flourish when mixing heavy guitar sounds and thundering drums.  If power can be achieved in music by being powerful yet slow or average yet fast, Dredd has a shit ton of power; if heavy and slow is a moving tank and average but fast is a speeding bullet, think of this EP and band as a light, agile battle tank.  The weirdest element of this record is not in the relative uniqueness of the sound (not so much unique, but certainly the road less traveled), but in the fact that this record likely will not grab you right away.  It took me about five front-to-back listens to truly dig this, mostly because it IS one of those bands that deviate from the usual crust and sludge sounds.  Personally, I had the same experience with His Hero Is Gone and the later Black Flag material; I would suspect I am not the only person experiencing this grows-on-you phenomenon.  Overall, I rate this as a solid EP that deserves a wax commitment.
-Aunty Social

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