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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Opposition Rising- Aftermathematics CD/ LP review

Opposition Rising- Aftermathematics CD/ LP review
This record picked up right where Mouth Sewn Shut left off; still sporting the crusty reggae/ ska feel with all the fury of a hardcore punk record, these are ten punishing tracks that show the 99% can hate and groove.  The record begins with the intro song “Rising”, an allusion to the beginning of a war, perceived or actual.  It allows a nice transition into the real bones of the record, the “chapters”, one might say.  Some of the better songs on this record are some of my personal favorite songs in general.
“F.T.W.” has been making its rounds on compilation albums, namely the 4-way split 7” with In Defence, Hellmouth, and Embrace the Kill, the Crash Assailant compilation CD, and the Riotska digital compilation, deservedly so- it is the new anthem of the nihilist of today.  “Pink Slip Murder Suicide” is the new “going postal” theme song (on an unrelated note, the massacre that made the term ‘going postal’ famous took place in Royal Oak, at the same place I get my mail from), and its pulsating rhythmic beat thumps like a gun going off, raising hate in the brain and blood pressure in the veins.  “Tell Them Nothing” is the radio-friendly, all-encompassing version of “Stop Snitchin”, and one that resonates a lot more deeply with the majority.  It serves as a reminder that speaking to the so-called authorities is not in one’s best interests, under any circumstances.
For a positive lyrical turn, “Brick By Brick” speaks about those who might try to destroy the community we (as punks) have all worked to build by copping out or conforming, as the song terms.  However, it is also possible to look at the song title in a reverse way, as rebuilding this community we have built, brick by brick.  Even in nihilism, there is hopefulness.  “Debt Sentence” is about the new phenomenon of people being economically enslaved by the money they owe to lenders.  With the relatively recent crisis in the housing market and in the lax oversight on lending, people have suddenly become anchored down and enslaved by their debts.  “Destination Apocalypse” is the final “chapter” of the album/ story, and its conclusion is a world in ruin, all the money rendered useless and the obsession with belongings, monetary or tactile things, rendering the 1% (my words, not theirs) pragmatically impotent.
Though these are not the only songs on the record, these are the best and most worthy of discussion; the other songs are also stellar, so this indeed is a complete work.  Bill Damon (lead singer) is a crust punk genius, an inventive S.O.B. with a ton of passion.  Anyone who liked Mouth Sewn Shut and/or Toxic Narcotic will love this, and it will resonate well with the rest of the crusties, punks, and rudeboys too.  Buy this, now!
-Aunty Social

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