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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stockpile- s/t 7" review

Stockpile- s/t 7” review
I discovered this band (and this record) by a random happening; it was a short notice punk show at the Trumbullplex, and I hadn’t heard a peep about it or the band until less than a week before the show.  However, after hearing about it and learning that my friends in the band Live to Kill were opening, I made my way out to the show, and suffice it to say that I walked out with two of these 7” records and a cassette (one 7” was for contributor Brian, who was unable to make the show).
There’s quite a few D-beat bands, but not one with this odd sound- tribal drums, lower-tuned guitars on a strange time pattern, and a sort of raspy whispered vocal that at times annoys and at others works well.  The sound persists through the six songs on the record, laced with politically-driven words that inspired the music; the only thing I really cannot get over about this record is the leveling of the vocal tracks.  It isn’t the style of singing, but the volume of it, and it leaves one’s head thumped by the thought of this.  Beyond the vocal levels, this is droning, delectable, D-beat destruction.  Stockpile this record in your collection if you can find a copy.
-Aunty Social

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