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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stick Together- No More Games 7" review

Stick Together- No More Games 7” review
I have to bring up a gripe with youth crew- sorry to Stick Together for being the recipients of the message, but they are one of the culprits in this scheme.  Has youth crew really done anything different since Youth of Today essentially forged and almost perfected the subgenre?  XPlagued With Ragex, Floorpunch, Face Reality, Noose, No Tolerance, Ten Yard Fight (who, to their credit, sung about football), and Stick Together… do these bands really deviate much, if at all, from the simplistic youth crew template?  They do not, and that is my gripe.
However, that being said, I love all of the aforementioned bands, especially Face Reality.  This lack of deviation is of no effect to the music itself, as the template is a working one.  Stick Together is one of the better bands of this youth crew template; the song lyrics are as broad and unspecific as ever, and they still fucking rule (more on why this trait is positive later).  They rule in the “living room mosh pit” sort of way; I would absolutely LRMP to these guys, despite my listed gripes.  It’s anthemic, energetic, and the broad meaning behind the lyrics has mass appeal, meaning anyone and everyone can relate.  If you like anything close to Youth of Today or even Earthmover, Stick Together is your thing.
Lastly, a question to the band I must pose, if nothing else for the sake of curiosity, be it my own of that of someone else:  Why is it that the band has a song called “Stick Together”, followed by the song “Don’t Get Stuck”?  Is this not paradoxical in some sort of way?  Be right back, going to LRMP again.
-Aunty Social

Post script- I put the introduction of the review in a different font, because it doesn't really have to do with reviewing the music of the band, but it is something I felt needed to be said.  However, feel free to ignore it if you just want to read the review.

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