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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Devastation- The Pit EP review

Devastation- The Pit EP review
What an oddity- an anarcho punk band that learns more towards being fun, funny, and still remains serious about the lifestyle of the skeptic.  Yes, a particular Twin Cities band is especially known for this, but this band isn’t on Profane Existence; in fact, it is not on any label, to my knowledge.  However after to this EP a few times, Profane better pick these guys up!  This record/ cassette/ CD/ digi-release/ whatever-it-is rules, hard.  The record is definitely a product of the times, in a humorous way; “Vietnam, Nom, Nom!” is surely a reference to the LOLCats internet meme that many (myself included) find to be most amusing.  This song is the first, and the protégé of the whole EP, representative of the tongue-in-cheek self deprecation this generation is becoming known for, for better or worse.  This is pretty sweet for an EP; as far as I’m aware, it’s a free download and hasn’t been pressed, so download it and rock this shit.
-Aunty Social

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