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Saturday, January 28, 2012

In Defence- Party Lines & Politics LP review

In Defence- Party Lines and Politics LP review
How I do enjoy this band… it’s hardcore and crossover thrash for those who can take a joke.  However, I most definitely didn’t expect as much thrash from the band as I got; I love thrash too, but I expected an LP of pit-bull vocaled, chugging, pummeling hardcore skate punk.  What I received was different than that, to a very great extent.  With high expectations amended, the band could have been like Cryptic Slaughter, and gotten better, or like S.S.D., and gotten worse…
Neither one occurred; instead, it was just as good as their previous releases (specifically Don’t Know How to Breakdance), but for entirely different reasons.  This record, much more thrash-y and heavier than ever, still has that gut-busting, jaw-breaking hardcore flow I adore, all differences and changes aside.  A song that praises The Police, on a Profane Existence album!?  They’ve got my vote.  Even when they aren’t joking, they have a very party punk, think-for-yourself vibe in their lyrics, all the while bashing out some heavy and fast crossover jams.  In three words:  This band rules.  The main thing (I believe the only thing) I can complain about is that this is a band that should be big on the Bridge Nine forums (a.k.a. 4chan’s b/ board for hardcore), and somehow, they aren’t.  Oh well, trolls naturally have bad taste.
Now you have NO EXCUSE:  Thrash-tards, b/ posters, hardcore dancers, 80s hardcore kids, unite (for) In Defence!
-Aunty Social

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