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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Question- Insanity 7" review

Question- Insanity 7” review
An excellent vocalist in punk and hardcore spits like it’s… well, spit.  The distinct sounds of a gruff bark or a shrill scream are manifested in both the jarring lyrics and the spit (perceived or actual) emanating from the singer, and are indicative of an impassioned misanthrope at the helm of a punk rock boat.  Sometimes, male vocalist can pull this off, but the deepness of male voices lowers the percentage of males who can pull off this venomous sound; oddly enough, the women tough enough to withstand the culture of punk rock are often singers, and the majority of that population are also really fucking good at what they do.  Kaelen from Agatha, Amy from Nausea, Stephanie of Vivisuk, Poly Styrene, Ami from Nu-kle-er Blast Suntan, Sarah from Appalachian Terror Unit, Madison from Cloud Rat, Wendy O. Williams, Kathleen Hanna, the singers from Boneblack, Anti-Product, Deathrats, DIRT, Witch Hunt… I could go on.  They have the passion, energy, intelligence, and the motherfucking presence to command an army (punks or soldiers, you decide).  One of the best among these wickedly wonderful women is the former singer of D-beat crust band Detestation, Saira Huff.  Now she has a newer band, and it’s even better…
The feel of this whole record is independent and DIY; the record cover is had-crafted and much more palpable than most other sleeves.  The songs are intensely personal, furiously ferverous sonic assaults of straight raw 80s hardcore, shouted with a gravelly female voice filled with venom.  This album is perfect in what it is, both in production and attitude.  It is a well-mixed, appropriately gritty, gender-neutral misanthropic slab of wax.  This record is the exemplary release of one of my most favorite bands, and this record is exactly why they are as such.  If you’ve ever listened to 80s hardcore, you’ll dig the shit out of this.  If you like good music, you’ll dig the shit out of this.
-Aunty Social

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