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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Face Reality- self-titled 7" review

Face Reality- s/t 7” review
I’ve been pumped for this release for awhile.  Since I discovered this band about a year ago (November 2010, approximately), I’ve been digging the fuck out of them, and I’ve made it a point to try and make it to some of their shows, because they are ALWAYS hype as hell.  The only complaint I could ever raise is the shortage of songs.  Finally, I found a temporary alleviation for this sickness- the new self-titled EP from Youngblood Records.  After trading for it with the singer, I made my way home, turned on my record player, and turned up the volume…
I dare to say, after careful consideration and many broken down walls in the eyes of many kids, that this is the best wax slab of youth crew to come out yet.  Reinforce, Holding On, Line of Fire, smoked.  Brotherhood, Ten Yard Fight, No Tolerance, bit the dust.  Even the likes of X Plaguedwithrage X, Chain of Strength, and the mighty Youth of Today, cannot touch this.  Never have I come across an album so inspiring, so quotable, and different enough from the “scene” in which the band participates.  These songs, this sound, this band reminds me of what it’s like to be a passionate, energetic, idealistic punk kid, and that this is still something I can be, straight-edge or not.  It’s an itching impulse compelling me to throw down the burden I carry, change my life for the better, and make a goddamned step forward.  For those who hate reading or enjoy summaries, this band is everything I (or anyone else) could ever want out of a hardcore/ youth crew band; it has the mosh, the words, the riffs, the breakdowns, the speed, the truth… everything.  Fast, steady drums; crunching, thick guitars; galloping bass lines, and youthful shouts that can be understood, even without a lyric sheet.  Lyrics are meaningful, not as generic as other youth crew, non-judgmental, and intensely personal; the schizoid within is pleased.
I don’t fucking care if you’re edge or not; if you listen to grindcore, powerviolence, 90s hardcore, metalcore, ’77 punk, 80s hardcore, crust punk, or anarcho punk; DO NOT sleep on this record.  This is one of, if not THE best releases youth crew has seen in times past or present.  Fucking flawless (victory) for Face Reality.
-Aunty Social

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