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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Triple Crossed- Trapped Like Rats review

Triple Crossed- Trapped Like Rats review
This record cuts right to the chase, so I will do the same- this is that gap between youth crew and 80s hardcore, and it fucking rules, especially here because it has so much that sets it above the rest (note, not apart, above).  It has this incredibly punch-y bass that sounds a lot like the bass in Choking Victim songs, twangs and punches alike.  It’s odd that such a thing would be the primary distinction in an 80s hardcore record, but such is indeed the case.  Back to what makes youth crew and 80s hardcore awesome… it’s high energy, stop-and-go, done-in-a-minute hardcore, i.e. the kind of hardcore that existed prior to windmilling, Henry Rollins-wannabe macho jocks and their subsequent takeover of the pit.  This is some real punch-and-crunch hardcore (punch in the bass, crunch in the guitar), and along with In Defence, this is one of the best Twin Cities punk bands active as of late.  Fucking stellar.
-Aunty Social

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