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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Solid Snake- Pissed Off review

Solid Snake- Pissed Off review
Somehow, I knew I would like this record at least a bit, if nothing else for the name of the band (I am a long time fan of all things Metal Gear).  After taking a look at the band online, I figured there wouldn’t be anything to dislike, as they were straight edge, atheist, and from a town near and dear to me.  Following a front-to-back listen, would this be a Codec Moment, or Snake’s Revenge?
There’s something to be said for the record:  It’s definitely different than the usual 90s hardcore known and loved by many.  However, despite differences, is it actually any good?  It’s good, but it doesn’t quite hit the mark of being a groundbreaking, great, captivating release.  The vocals are what set it apart, and simultaneously hold it back a bit.  It’s raspy and deep, sounding almost like it belongs on a Skitsystem or Gasmask Terror record, but instead, it’s on a Michigan hardcore record.  The lyrics… some kind of stuff you might expect on any punk or hardcore record, but much more anthemic.  It’s the sort of shit you find twenty or thirty fans blowing out their vocal cords singing at a show.  Not new, not bad.  The music is pretty much formulaic 90s hardcore; if you’ve heard Earthmover, Blood for Blood, new Agnostic Front, Hatebreed, or Terror, you’ll like this.  Definitely worth listening to, but it doesn’t exactly bringing new material to the table.  Whether you want that innovation or not (myself, I don’t care) is your call.
-Aunty Social

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