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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dead and Gone- Catharsis EP review

Dead and Gone- Catharsis EP review
Never thought I’d listen to something like this in my time; I know the music exists (the style, I mean), but to have a band like this involved in our pretty tough hardcore scene is equal parts awesome and puzzling.  It’s highly emotional, very well-written, and the songs are all good, but I don’t see me as the target audience.  I mean, yes I’m unhappy and occasionally sad (I suffer from moderate depression, and have for about three years actively, nine years latently), but these feelings are diluted by angry, fast, heavy and pointed music, not steady-beat, introverted math rock music.  Still, I found the music enjoyable.  I felt a connection, like they knew, to an extent, how I had felt at times (lonely, but not alone and alone, but not lonely, respectively), as they had likely been there.  It’s hard to describe the music; it’s not very heavy or fast, but the emotions behind the music are as clear and vivid as any punk or metal album.  The singer sounds a little like a younger, sadder, more rebellious Tom Brokaw (sounds like he’s chewing on something every time he sings or talks), and weirdly enough, it works for them.  Since the words are discernible, I take no issue with it.  The lyrics are songs “about being sad and alone”, according to the band, and I most definitely agree.  I doubt I’d pair Morrissey and a loaded gun any night, be it ideal or nightmare-ish, but it makes some sense.  Though not the usual sort of music I’d jam, I can’t deny its validity and enjoyability.  Good jams; worth the listen, without a doubt.
-Aunty Social

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