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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Steamroller- 3 song EP review

Steamroller- Three song EP review
Holy shit, some band intros last longer than this EP does; three songs in under three minutes, two songs being less than a minute long.  The drums are top-notch fastcore, beating at a traditional million-beats-a-minute rate normal to hardcore, and sound crisp and clear despite the distortion often accompanying rapid drums.  The bass and electric guitars are a clean sort of distorted, much in the way the drums have a sort of distorted clarity.  The vocals are shouted hardcore scruffs of sound, usually moving as quickly as the rest of the song, only stopping briefly for the HxC breakdown before speeding back up again.  Though I dug this very short bit of music as it was (fastcore with chugging breakdowns), it was difficult to assess the music based on this short bit of music, and it being less than the length of an average song, I have trouble accepting this as an EP.  Still, when combined with the live energy of the band at a show, Steamroller absolutely has some potential.  Get on this shit, and quick, before the EP finishes, again.
-Aunty Social

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