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Saturday, January 28, 2012

D.A.- Second demo review

D.A.- Second demo review
This group has been around for quite some time; I believe singer/ bassist/ original member Ali K. started the group in 1998, as one source band information stated.  I first came across them at the first annual Keep It A Threat festival in June of 2009, with a plethora of other Michigan groups I had previously been unaware of.  The group has been a relatively steady piece of Detroit punk rock since then, if not before.  Covering both the bar and the underground scene in their own right, D.A. has opened for and played alongside the likes of Common Enemy, Walk the Plank, and numerous Michigan locals, famous and infamous.  For about two years, the band had no actual recorded music beyond the “Demos for Dummies” CD I got at the aforementioned fest.  Finally, at some random bout at the Garden Bowl, I got this second (presumably better) demo.  Two more songs (the original demo had four, this had six) and a newer line-up, the band could have been better, or possibly worse.  I hoped for the former.
I did get that; this demo definitely showed improvement from the last one.  I’m not sure if it really “revved my engine”, so to speak, however; it’s definitely a solid release, but for some reason, I feel as though I’m listening to Cheap Sex or the Casualties, in a way.  The music is solid punk rock:  Rhythm, Speed, and Aggression (R.S.A.; see what I did there, Jason?) have applied, interviewed, and been accepted, flourishing all the while.  I just don’t feel as though it stands out as spectacular or amazing, just good.  That being said, D.A. is a strong, reliable band who can churn out a good show anytime, anywhere, anyplace, and have been doing so for a long time.
Even though it’s not in my revered selection of music, it is good.  Pre-order the vinyl album, I would not.  But the CD for a reasonable price, fuck yeah.  Good punk trumps the great majority of music any goddamned day.  DO ask, about D.A.
-Aunty Social

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