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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Frostbacks- s/t CD review

The Frostbacks- s/t CD review
What if Blitz was from Canada, still played to this day, and added an extra guitar to their sound?  Not a question regularly pondered by even the most diehard musicians and music enthusiasts, most likely.  However, it is the most accurate description able to be ascribed to hoser punks The Frostbacks.  Though not treading new Oi! ground, the band still pushes out some good old anthemic, UK-style street punk this side of the Atlantic Ocean.  One thing setting the band apart is the addition of a second guitar, adding room for licks and bridges to separate the otherwise formulaic street punk anthems.  Also, these hosers actually sing about being from Canada, and any band with a sense of humor like that is a winner in my book.  I did like this record, as it’s a “go with what you know” sort of record; it’s funny, very catchy, and the sort of record one would find at a punk rocker’s house, playing at a party.  Say what you want, there is value to that sort of thing, and to this band.  Thumbs up.
-Aunty Social

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