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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Trenchfoot- s/t 7" review

Trenchfoot- s/t 7” review
Holy shit, powerviolence and fastcore got heavy.  Spazz, Infest, D.R.I., Deathrats…  they were all fast, but the guitars and bass were a little light, and for million-beats-a-minute music like most powerviolence is, it never affected the quality (because who needs dark and heavy when the speed more than makes up for it?).  But THIS… this is a new-ish style of powerviolence.  I haven’t heard much as of yet; this is darker, heavier, tuned down, like Amebix or Axegrinder started doing speed (and quit heroin).  The speed has always been what does it for hardcore (at least to me), but this heaviness gives an extra emotional edge, making the world seem just a little more hopeless, and holy shit, it rules.  Trenchfoot’s self-titled 7” piece of wax is a piece of a new movement in hardcore/ powerviolence where darker and louder is better; this band, Mob Rules, Lack of Interest, and Weekend Nachos are the proliferators of this new movement, and despite the heavy, hopeless, pummeling beats that this awesome record has to offer, it is over before one knows it.  Turn it over, and spin it again; it’s worth more than just one trial listen.
-Aunty Social

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