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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Standard Issue- Three song EP review

Standard Issue- Three song EP review
I first saw this band in March 2011, and I’ve seen them a few times since; here, they have developed a fuller sound than they had even playing live.  Now, they had something to call their own; it’s a continuously flowing fusion between classic NYHC (a la Agnostic Front or the Cro-Mags), urban hardcore (a la Cold As Life, Terror, Blitz), and the British Oi! of the 80s / U.S. street punk of the mid-2000s.
The vocals are a clear, loud growl, the sound of a white-knuckled working class motherfucker.  On top of this, the gang vocals are reminiscent of the NYHC style of punk that brings the unity within a scene, however deep it might be buried.  The guitars, bass, and drums are all spot-on for their sound, but the mix on the recording is disproportionate; the vocals are not just prominent, but overpower every other instrument, as opposed to a mix where it’s dominant, allowing for guitar and drums to chime in and do their part for the sound.
No doubt, the songs are there; though not exactly vinyl worthy, they are worth some kind of reproduction and official release.  Not the best demo of 2011, but enjoyable.
-Aunty Social

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