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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Captive Bolt- Rape, Slaughter, Slavery, & Vivisection 7" review

Captive Bolt- Rape, Slaughter, Slavery, and Vivisection 7” review
The first thought I had when I heard this was that it sounded like U.D.I. added a couple breakdowns and went vegan; in retrospect, this is somewhat accurate, though not entirely so.  This music is a bit asymmetrical, and it works.  Their rhymes are slanted, their time signatures are a little off, and their timing is not exact; it doesn’t even matter (I prefer it this way), because the vocals on this record are so accusatory, venomous, and snotty that it feels like the proverbial finger is being pointed directly at you.  Musically, this is asymmetric 80s hardcore as it should be- young, fast, and snotty.  There’s nothing to complain about there.  The lyrics are relatively usual vegan punk stuff, but one line really caught me for some reason or another, and it set the band’s lyrics one notch above their contemporaries:  “I’d call you a sheep, but that is much too kind.”  Burn!  “Justified Arson” also has an appropriate, killer breakdown towards the end; 80s hardcore doesn’t usually do well with breakdowns, but this particular one ruled.  The band finished the record with the Gorilla Biscuits cover “Cats and Dogs”- an unexpected surprise, and a pleasant one at that.  This record fucking rules, especially for a first 7” release.  Captive Bolt is already on the rise as a stellar band- look out for ‘em.
-Aunty Social

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