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Thursday, May 3, 2012

GROG- Hood Core CD review

GROG- Hood Core CD review
This CD somewhat continues the Michigan-based, party punk, dirty punk rocker theme that was set forth by GROG’s first release “Back in the Crack”; though the theme continues, the style is notably different, and a lot better.  While “Back in the Crack” left me a bit disappointed, Hood Core certainly redeemed the band, amping up the energy and tossing aside the clean production for a grittier one with much better songs.  Though the band calls their style of punk “Hood Core” (and I couldn’t disagree), it’s more clearly described as a dirtier, faster, heavier, but not quite hardcore version of the Dead Boys or Stiff Little Fingers.  Though the production of working class asses with penchants for alcoholism, weed, and hooliganism, this is a good record that has a lot of fun packed inside.  Not required listening, but I can certainly recommend it.
-Aunty Social

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