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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Caustic Attitude- Fools EP review

Caustic Attitude- Fools EP review
This is some classic 90s hardcore, complete with the Detroit-style vocals- that is, one of a barking pitbull, or if the lead singer of Lack of Interest slowed WAY down.  The guitars are heavy, chugging along like most of these songs do.  Not left-wing punk per se, it is definitely a pro-working man sort of hardcore, the punk of the proletariat, so to speak.  This album does not have blistering speed, but it still brings the mosh like one that does.  Lyrics are pretty good, but nothing out of the usual fuck-the-world, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps sort of stuff.  They’re definitely sing-along anthems for the angry and isolated punk and hardcore kids.  If these guys were from Wilkes-Barre, they would be doing nationwide tours every year.  Being from Detroit, they’re not so lucky, but they’re just as good as any of the bands of their genre from that area (Dead End Path, United Youth, etc.).  Worth checking out, for sure.
-Aunty Social

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