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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Destructors- Media Studies CD review

The Destructors- Media Studies CD review
Catchy, anthemic, Oi!- influenced street punk at its finest.  I can see going out for a round or two at the Painted Lady and having this play in the background.  I think this is probably what politically informed punks listen to on the way to the pub- not a bad thing at all.  It’s got a nice little jig to it, and it’s audibly pleasant.  Reading the lyric sheet is another story, however; this is some poetic prose preaching politics (and how it can relate to people like us).  Not a reinvention of the wheel, and no need for one, with what this music is.  For those who don’t like NPR (I myself fucking hate the radio), this will do well as pleasant-sounding informative background music.  Also, big thumbs up to the guy who mixed this.
-Aunty Social

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