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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shattered Badge- s/t demo tape review

Shattered Badge- self-titled cassette review
This is some hard to find, angry as fuck noisy hardcore punk rock.  One of the thing I can respect about the band is the fact that it is pretty much spread by only word-of-mouth; no Bandcamp, no Facebook, no Myspace, not shit other than a vague reference to their existence.  There is something to say about a band untainted by the digital revolution, and it is positive.
The songs are short, intense blasts of fastcore noisy punk with a pissed-off vocalist; while a little on the beaten path, the band is oddly catchy and have distinguishing elements beyond that of being unavailable on the internet.  The bass is a present factor in the sound of the band, the songs are short and sweet, and it’s a relic of times past- what more could you want out of a noisy hardcore band?  Track a copy of this down, if you can; it will be worth the search.
-Aunty Social

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