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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Deathraid- All Life Ends LP review

Deathraid- All Life Ends LP review
The good old apocalyptic sound… we meet again.  Still slightly cacophonous and forever hopeless (here, hopeless speaks to the lyrics theme, not my opinion of  the quality of music), this band may have arrived 20 years too late, being in the vein of the classic Profane Existence/ Havoc mid-90s crust/ D-beat/ anarcho movement.  However, do not count them out yet- these guys have not lost a bit of steam in their older age (members used to be in Disrupt and were active in the original west coast anarcho punk scene).  The drums hit like a pack of exploding land mines, the guitars like an air raid, incoming without warning and the vocals bark out like a Browning machine gun blasting away.  War may be an ugly thing, but it sure makes for some awesome allegories, imagery, and vivid descriptions of cacophonous sounds.  If you enjoy any kind of anarcho/ crust/ D-beat, this is your jam.  Other punks will enjoy it as well, but there is a slight disconnect between the message and the receiver in this case.  Not new, not unenjoyable, but very good.  All life does end, and sadly, so does this record.  Good thing there are two sides, no?
-Aunty Social

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