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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tharsis They- Ominous Silence review

Tharsis They- Ominous Silence review
When I heard the vocals for this, I was taken back to an earlier age, specifically when I was 16, and people liked high-pitched screaming metalcore with tight-clothed band members that were graduates of the emo scene; such is the sound of this band, but not quite.  Instead, this band is if the frontman of one of these aforementioned bands told the rest of his fellow members, “We’re listening to more Black Flag, keeping the metalcore sound and vocals, and writing more insightful lyrics, because this whiny-little-bitch-hate-myself and unnecessarily-vague-metaphors bullshit isn’t doing it for me anymore!”  The likelihood of someone actually saying that is literally next to nothing, but would succinctly describe Tharsis They’s record “Ominous Silence”.  The vocals are still metalcore screechy noise (but make up for it with some really good lyrics), guitars are heavy, mixing modern hardcore and metal in a carefully balanced way, and bass & drums are furiously fast, drums crackling all over the place, akin to an all-encompassing rain storm with brutally loud thunder.  In fact, this whole album is best compared to a furious thunderstorm- there are those who hate it, but it has greater purpose; it is long but often audibly satisfying; it is loud, dark, occasionally ugly, but powerful nonetheless.  Lispers beware, and hardcore, metal, and noise music fans take heed:  Tharsis They is here, and whether or not they wear tight pants, they will blast your fucking ears and blow your fucking mind, if you’re willing to pay attention.
-Aunty Social

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