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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Demolition- Demo 2012 review

Demolition- Demo 2012 review
This is youth crew done fuckin’ right- I can’t get enough of these four songs.  Gritty, somewhat raw production is a big factor in why this demo rules so hard.  The vocals are distant and strained, yet remain laced with enough general misanthropy to be a real punk record, and not some jock hardcore production.  In a more close relation to original youth crew, the lyrics are very catchy, quotable, and are the picturesque set of words to accompany a live gang pile around the mic during a set, with twenty or thirty people singing at the top of their voices.  Another benefit of the more unpolished production is that the guitars, bass, and drums sound a lot more like a punk record than a “hardcore” one (hardcore here meaning breakdown-laced, heavier, slower, varsity font punk), and there’s something to be said when a band so influenced by these sorts of bands still pulls off the energetic slam dance-styled punk rock.  If there’s a new band to jock, it’s this one.  Stage dives and high-fives forthcoming.
-Aunty Social

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