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Thursday, May 3, 2012

SNAFU- Sick As Shit EP review

SNAFU- Sick as Shit EP review
Skate punk is somewhat existent in Michigan- it has its few bands, most of them from the downriver area.  Since it’s unusual for the weather to be warm enough to skate around in this state, it’s not much of a trend.  Still, SNAFU does this style of punk pretty well; if Bam Margera had a copy of this CD, he’d probably play it in the background of one of his many television shows where he and his friends skate and bike around, doing stupid things and abusing each other in the process.  This EP is punk with ADHD and a youthful attitude (which is a bit interesting, considering this band has been around since 2006 or so), and is an improvement on the old SNAFU (they took a break for a year or two until early 2011), being catchier and more… punchy, I guess is the word I’m looking for.  Not exactly my sort of thing, but this EP has some tunes that any punk might dig.
-Aunty Social

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