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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Freedom- United States of Mind demo review

Freedom- United States of Mind demo review
This demo was extremely short, and so will this review.  This is a simple, albeit cool mix of early Agnostic Front and Straight Ahead- under-a-minute blistering speed straight edge hardcore that could be a powerviolence prototype.  Though there exists a breakdown or two in these songs, the band excels when they play fast.  Everything here is better when it goes by at a million miles an hour- vocals, guitar, bass, drums… Nothing is particularly heavy, so the power has to come from the sheer speed.  If you like fast hardcore, you’ll love this.  Just don’t expect to have enough time to hardcore dance or LRMP (living room mosh pit); there’s not nearly enough time to break something or unleash enough energy.  Get this demo from Iron Mind Crew when it comes out, but encourage the band to play faster and write more songs.
-Aunty Social

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