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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sawchuk- How Can You Live Like This? EP review

Sawchuk- How Can You Live Like This EP review
Just based on the name, I couldn’t pass up reviewing this record.  Although I have more personal favorite Red Wings and hockey players in general, goalie Terry Sawchuk was one of the most notable of his kind of NHL history (the Red Wings of the 50s were as much of a dream team as the Gretzsky-era Oilers).  For those unfamiliar with hockey, Sawchuk was a hard-as-nails, tough yet skilled goalie who played and won championships with the Detroit Red Wings in the 1950s.  This EP is just as tough and hard as the goalie.
The intro sets an interesting and ominous tone; it sounds like something straight out of my nightmares.  As it fades out, the EP kicks into full gear, driving forward some crunching hardcore that mixes unity-based NYHC-style and heavy, hopeless Earthmover-style hardcore.  The vocals/ lyrics are internally driven hardcore anger, with the anthemic, shout-back-at-you words that can be sufficiently moshed to and quoted in social networking updates, on denim jackets, and occasionally in peoples’ tattoos.  Even I can’t deny the ability of the record to elicit emotion; as most of my emotions are anger-based, this record brings those pissed thoughts to mind- H.L.D. is a straight up beatdown song (as in literally beating the fuck out of someone until they can’t get up off the ground), and Centuries & Torn Apart bring out the frustration life can bring (that then which can be cured by moshing to said songs).  Some of the lyrics get a bit cheesy at times, but that’ the only thing I can think of to not like about this record.  Oh, and a lyric sheet would be rad, too.  Get this record, and LRMP like mad.
-Aunty Social

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