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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scum- Nuclear Winter EP review

Scum- Nuclear Winter EP review
From the initial demo, this is a step up in songwriting, and a statement from the band that indicates that they are indeed vinyl-worthy; the title track and the initial track are the songs communicating this.  Although an obligatory Discharge cover is included (and it’s damn near impossible to fuck up covering a Discharge song), the rest of the songs are raw D-beat noise punk at its best.  The vocals are a bit removed and distant from the rest of the music (not out of sync, but instead sounding like there is a distance between the singer and the mic being used to record it); it is odd, to be sure, but it seems to work for them.
The guitars are ominous and moody, definitely higher echelon than is usual for noisy D-beat; the intro for the title track is straight up scary as fuck.  The bass is appropriately present, filling the low end of the band’s sound and contributing to the ominous sonic waves.  The drums are straight D-beat done right, no more and no less.  I would have covered a Discharge song if I were them, but the sheer magnitude of the title track more than makes up for that minor issue.  Aside from that single thing, this is an absolutely killer EP cassette.  I’m hoping to see a 7” from these Scum-bags sometime soon.
-Aunty Social

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