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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Frank & Earnest, React, NRR, and Professor at Frankie's, February 16th show review

Frank & Earnest, React, NRR, and Professor at Frankie’s 02/16/12 show review
I was super-stoked about this show; FOUR bands I hadn’t seen before, and they were all from Toledo, an area I had yet to explore in detail.  What was to dislike, especially this being a well-attended local show?  Nothin’ at all.
This was one of the better shows I’ve been to since Riot Fest and a house show in Pontiac a week after that; all the band brought it, even the stray Lansing band, Frank & Earnest.  While more of a melodic punk band than a full-blown hardcore band, they still managed to do what they do best, very well.  I don’t dig melodic punk that much, but even I can see that these dudes are well-versed in the art of punk and also happen to have musical talent.  It’s another band that falls under “They’re good at what they do, but I don’t like what they do” to me; Frank & Earnest definitely have value, and I appreciated the set for what it was.
Next was React, who replaced Detroit band Poison Tongues at the last minute, and for the better- React was violent hardcore, furiously pissed and angrily bringing the mosh; alternating intense powerviolence anger and breakdown hardcore, React was an utterly intense band from beginning to end, never letting up for even a song.  Holy shit, this band is pissed the fuck off, and I loved it.  Their EP did not convey nearly what they put together live, and for this, I’m glad I got to see where these dudes really shine before rendering any lasting judgment in regard to them.  This band is backed, hard as FUCK.
Next was NRR, another group from Toledo.  These guys play darker hardcore that doesn’t let up on speed or on breakdowns; this group was energized as hell for this set, and it showed.  The singer radiated with fury, and the guitars pushed so fast that it was near breakneck speed punk.  I wish these dudes would come out with an EP; they definitely deserve the acknowledgement.  Dark hardcore with mosh, speed, and Toledo blood?  Sign me up for an annual subscription.
Closing the show was Professor, this exemplary youth crew band without too much experience in playing.  From the looks and sounds of it all, they don’t need experience; they’ve already crafted an excellent, energetic, vivacious vibe present in both their live show and in their EP titled “Corientation” (more on that record later; short story is that it rules).  To top off their great set, the lead singer actually got on stage dressed in a full professor outfit, clad with sport jacket, turtleneck, long pants, and scraggly beard.  But this was no ordinary square university professor; this guy had all the energy of Bold, Judge, and Ten Yard Fight.  The night ended with the band’s signature song “FAFSA”, which had a good number of people singing the chorus.
Youth crew got its unity back, and Toledo has a niche of hardcore crafted.  Best show I’ve attended in a long while.
-Aunty Social

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