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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Don't Look Down/ The Destructors- Je Suis Radio split CD review

Don’t Look Down/ The Destructors- Je Suis Radio split CD review
The first part of this CD (three tracks, I should say) is a captivating mixture of the Buzzcocks’ melody and Blitz’s anthem-y British Oi!/ street punk, done by a band by the name of Don’t Look Down, who could very well have been at home in that original era in the early to mid-80s.  This is some catchy, fun music, which is related to the other band on the split, but manages to steer mostly clear of the drudgery of political songs, sticking instead to more proletarian themes (and for the better; communicating something serious in this music would likely go over listeners’ heads).  I look forward to this playing at a punk house party on the stereo.
Now for the Destructors’ contributions:  These tracks, instead of the usual street punk politics-laced themes, are much more reminiscent of the original British punk invasion.  Stiff Little Fingers, 999, Sham 69, all of the songs from the Destructors side take from these bands and sound a lot like them, while spinning the music to deliver their own unique message.  This is usual decent Destructors stuff- either you like it for what it is or you don’t.  I, however, do like it.  Thumbs up, just not WAY up.
-Aunty Social

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